The First Sale Is ALWAYS To Yourself


The First Sale Is ALWAYS To Yourself unlocks the POWER of your SALES ABILITY to change and create sales results on your terms.

  • Connect, understand and appreciate your customers world
  • Leverage your unique value as an industry expert
  • Initiate change at a macro level within industries to a micro level with the individual customer
  • Create a compelling alternative solution by challenging the status quo
  • Keep it real by discovering the 5 keys to added value

“This immensely practical, fast-moving book is loaded with proven strategies and techniques to increase your business sales immediately.”


Brian Tracy

Author of The Psychology of Selling

This book is a call to action! It is an invitation for you to begin to see the commercial abundance with which to make more money, to be able to tap into and create your own levels of certainty in order to create change in and around you and ensure your customers are served at the highest level. It is all about making that first sale to yourself!

The phenomenal book will ensure that you:

  • Understand how to differentiate between selling and clicking and how one attracts business opportunities and one repels business opportunities
  • Discover the approaches that your ‘C’ level clients are expecting from a salesperson
  • Draw back the curtains on the 5 keys to becoming a trusted advisor and being invited into your customer’s inner circle
  • Learn the modern day ABC’s of selling and how to question incisively
  • Understand the formula to increase your business revenues or your sales results from 10% to 300% guaranteed
  • Position yourself as an expert and throw away the elevator pitches
  • Step up your skill sets through The Sales Triad… and 200+ pages more!

“In a world awash with a so-called ‘engagement’ in sales – here is a book which drills down and identifies vital elements of excellence in ‘real’ engagement. Bernadette McClelland, internationally acknowledged sales practitioner, trainer and author paints powerful pictures and vital behavioural steps towards sales excellence. An excellent contribution to sales thinking, integrity and actions to directly benefit all levels of salespeople within this highly rewarding career.”

Graeme Orr

CEO, Australian Sales and Marketing Institute

Written by someone who has spent in excess of twenty years in the male dominated field of high net worth sales for Fortune 500 companies, Bernadette McClelland has also been the owner of both an award winning retail outlet and an importing wholesale business managing her team of sales people. Being an internationally respected sales trainer, sales coach and keynote speaker with a passion for helping sales people lift their game and become competitively bold, she also works with Anthony Robbins as his Business Mastery coach for Asia Pacific. Bernadette shares the shifts that must happen in a sales person through thought leadership, personal leadership and sales leadership in order to convert sales opportunities into successful outcomes for both you and your customer.

This book is an instant classic! It should be the first book ANY salesperson or sales organization should read and master! Success in sales IS NOT an accident! Occasionally, top professions learn these secrets through trial and error; but Bernadette points out how to become a master in the selling field! Get it, read it, live it and master it! Your income and life will never be the same!” I LOVE this book! 

Marc Von Musser, MBA, CSP

Sales Trainer, Author and Speaker

Are you SELLING to your potential YET?

  • Position yourself as the expert in your customers eyes?
  • Exclusively raise the level of ‘certainty’ and ‘influence’ with your customer?
  • Prove how your product or service helps their market?
  • Have more customers buy from you more often?
  • Extend your thinking so that the information provided differentiates you from your competitors?
  • Dramatically strengthen relationships with your customers?
  • Help your customer understand the real reason why they are buying?
  • Create an unstoppable strategy that floors your competition?
  • Generate stronger loyalty towards your company?

The question to any of these is either “yes” or “no”

If “Yes”, then it’s time to move to the next level and discover the thinking that produces those results and what you can do, right now, to accelerate to the next level.
If “No”, what are you waiting for? More pain, more lost business opportunities, more stress until you’ve FINALLY HAD ENOUGH?
Time is your most precious resource. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So now is the time to say “YES” to you, don’t you think?

Combined Book and Postage Options

You know there’s more to your ability as a salesperson, much more…

BUT, you can’t control the decisions of your customers, you can only influence them and that means you need to know what drives them and influences them already from a psychological perspective.

And the good news is you can do just that.

You can discover how to have more belief, resilience and resourcefulness than you had ever imagined possible.

So the question is – Are you ready to have the keys to open the door?

This powerful book opens the door to how you think, how your customers think and what they expect from you, how you create unique value and how you can be seen as an expert, how you can initiate change from an industry level right the way down to an individual level, how you can create compelling alternative solutions and how you can change your direction at any time and get immediate results by keeping things real.

You have within you the power to be, do, and have, your sales career exactly as you want it. You deserve it to be rich and rewarding in every way.

And the good news is – old sales habits can be changed.

The First Sale Is ALWAYS To Yourself will give you the keys to … motivate you…challenge you… transform you… help you make more sales and more money!

So what greater gift can you give yourself than the exact strategies that will massively improve your business results?

Redefine YOU as a salesperson. Create lasting MOMENTUM within your selling time. Unlock your own brilliant POTENTIAL and knock the socks off your competition, wowing EVERY customer!
Start with making that FIRST SALE TO YOURSELF and sign up TODAY.

In This Ground Breaking Book you will…

  • Connect, understand and appreciate your customers world
  • Leverage your unique value as an industry expert
  • Initiate change for your customer at a macro level within their industry to a micro level with the individual customer
  • Create a compelling alternative solution by challenging the status quo
  • Keep it real by discovering the 5 keys to added value
Combined Book and Postage Options